Belfast Telegraph IT Team Of The Year 2019 – Power Platform

Belfast Telegraph IT Team Of The Year 2019 – Power Platform

Published by: Brian Illand
Published date: 20th Nov 2019

I published an article on my blog this time last year about some of the guiding principles we were following in Codec when building a Belfast based ‘Power Platform Dream Team’. At the time, Codec in Belfast were looking to replicate the success of Codec in Dublin and Galway, delivering complex Power Platform and Azure based solutions for public and private sector customers across the UK.

Fast forward to a year later, we have doubled in size and added more local talent to our Power Platform ‘film crew’. Last week, we were delighted to be awarded the IT Team of the Year for the work we have performed alongside Tourism NI, modernising their business applications to deliver a robust, full stack Power Platform based business architecture.

Over the past year, we have had a focus on moving fast, up-skilling on new technologies as soon as they are released in preview and refining our delivery methodologies so we can deliver outcomes quickly with less risk. We have an ever growing placement programme and graduate programme with some fantastic young talent coming through from the local Universities who are the heart and future of our team. We have a team with an exceptional attitude and aptitude for the fast moving Power Platform and Azure technologies.

Not least, we are delighted to have forward thinking customers like Tourism NI, who have the foresight to work in partnership with us. We look forward to more teamwork, future growth and successfull business outcomes!