BI & Reporting

Modern technology has enabled organisations with the ability to gather data at unprecedented levels, yet there remains the challenge of how to make sense of these vast reservoirs of information. What is relevant to your immediate and long-term business needs and what is not? Business Intelligence helps us to answer this question and provides users with clear pathway to tap into only the most business-relevant data, whenever and wherever they need it.

Choosing the right BI & Reporting technology with Codec will ensure robust analysis of data and the delivery of meaningful insights to the specific questions your business needs answers to. From individuals to small working groups, large departments or right across the enterprise the information is accessible to whomever demands a data-driven report.

We at Codec has been helping our customers make better decisions since 1986. With the largest local team with the most experience we have been recognised for many years as the market leaders in business reporting solutions. For us it is not just about technology- what sets us apart is that all our consultants are acutely aware of the business challenges facing many organisations today.