Continuous innovation with Codec Labs

Turn good ideas into measurable value. Our innovation initiatives deliver results through proven and continuously refined methodologies.

Codec Labs adds extra features to Microsoft solutions while minimising customisation and code development.

As a ten-time Microsoft Dynamics Partner of the Year, we saw a client need for specialised pieces of software innovation on top of the Microsoft technology stack. We also saw a need to solve common problems faster, without reinventing the wheel each time. Codec Labs delivers these new features as ready-to-go, 'software accelerator' products. These accelerators, combined with agile working methods, can quickly deliver benefits with minimal customisation. This structured approach fosters a culture of innovation that extends to each of our clients, providing flexibility and responsiveness few MSPs can rival.

What difference does it make?

Innovation requires a framework for generating new ideas that can be delivered reliably. We use our unique project delivery framework to ensure the following benefits for our clients:

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  • Better high-quality solutions
  • Cost and time saving
  • Faster and simpler implementation
  • Product limitations solutions
  • More value for the money
Codec Labs quote

"Development timelines and product limitations can place an artificial ceiling on digital innovation. Codec Labs is designed to eliminate those constraints, supporting clients through repeatable solution-based processes that open new doors for value creation."

Scott Courtney

Enterprise Architecture Lead, Codec Labs

Standardised products all clients can benefit from

In Codec Labs we've created new software products that are designed to plug seamlessly into any IT infrastructure built with Microsoft Dynamics 365. When your business has a need for these specialised tools and extended capabilities, we can quickly iterate and implement the right solution.

Azure Cloud Kit
Creates a secure, compliant, and controlled Azure environment
Manage water utilities with Microsoft Dynamics 365
Enhance regulatory performance in public organisations
Dynamics 365 for GDPR
Extend data controls across your Microsoft infrastructure
Grant management
Reduce grant administration workloads
BC Localisation
Customise Microsoft Dynamics 365 with localised enhancements for Ireland


From feature enhancements to value-added customizations, Codec Labs has developed many software widgets that extend, enhance and augment Dynamics 365 and SharePoint, to meet the needs of our clients and industries. Discover how these solutions deliver specific benefits to our clients.


Dynamics 365 Forex Rates

This powerful yet simple solution allows organisations to set up foreign exchange rate synchronisation processes without the cost of developing custom import functionality. By following simple configuration steps, organisations can define automated processes to update rates on a scheduled basis and at the same time keep an accurate history of all fluctuations.

Native to Dynamics 365

Leverage and extend the out-of-the-box multi-currency features in Microsoft Dynamics 365 without any downfalls.

Supported providers

Select one of the supported exchange rate providers: Fixer, OANDA, Exchange Rates API and FloatRates.

Configurable process

With the provider selected, identify which currencies in the system should be updated, and how regularly.

History of changes

Increase data accuracy by getting the data right at the point of capture and keeping track of all exchange rate changes.

Dynamics 365 BPF Tracker

Despite all the benefits and valuable features available with the native business process flows over the years, it is still not possible to report on how much time was spent individually on each stage. Our Dynamics 365 BPF Tracker provides organisations with the history of who made a stage active and when, allowing them to analyse these insights and consider implementing changes to increase productivity.

Configurable flows

Select which entities and business process flows should be tracked using a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

Isolated security

Solution based on specialised custom entities to enable organisations with a more scalable and isolated security model.

Native to Dynamics 365

Leverage and extend without any downfalls the out-of-the-box business process flow features in Microsoft Dynamics 365.


Monitor business process flow stages and create comprehensive analysis using the native Dynamics 365 reporting features.

Dynamics 365 Integration with Eventbrite

EventBrite is an event management & ticketing website designed to create and manage events, attendees and tickets. However, sometimes users need their Eventbrite data centralised in one place for enhanced reporting, or simply for better data management and quicker access. That’s where our solution comes into play, pulling Eventbrite data into Dynamics 365 and helping to track event attendance with our Tickets QR Code Scanner.

Quick configuration

Configure Eventbrite and Dynamics 365 integration by simply using a connection token. It literally takes a few seconds.

Save tickets in D365

Save events, tickets and corresponding QR Codes in Dynamics 365 for better event management and enhanced reporting.

Set integration frequency

Configure Eventbrite and Dynamics 365 integration to run every hour, every day or even on specific days of the week or month.

Track attendance

Check how many attendees showed up to events by scanning their QR Codes using our native mobile application.

Dynamics 365 and SharePoint Metadata Integration

Microsoft SharePoint best practices state that implementations should make use of metadata fields to improve user-experience, system performance and document organisation. Dynamics 365 out-of-the-box integration with SharePoint is very helpful but creates too many folders and sub-folders, which is  not ideal for complex scenarios. Best practice is important and by using our solution, metadata integration is now possible between both systems.

Extended features

Leverage and extend without any downfalls the out-of-the-box integration features between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and SharePoint.

Client-side calls

No dependency on server-side components. All features are implemented using client-side calls on both Microsoft SharePoint and Dynamics 365.

Quick configuration

Enable the out-of-the-box D365 and SharePoint integration, define the metadata views and add the control to the form.

Intuitive interface

Enable users with a simple and clean user-interface with no training needed, allowing users to hit the ground running.

Dynamics 365 Toast Notifier

Dynamics 365 Toast Notifier is an integrated solution that makes use of the native Windows Action Centre to send configurable and automated notifications to Dynamics 365 users. This solution enables organisations with a notification system to extend the out-of-the-box Dynamics 365 features by integrating and enhancing business processes, reducing email dependency and improving user-experience.

Scheduled notifications

Schedule notifications based on a date or based on one of the multiple triggers within Dynamics 365.

Notification templates

Capacity to create reusable notification templates which helps to create, maintain and group the different notifications in the system.

Windows action centre

Seamless integration with the native Windows notification centre ensures a standardised user-experience and no dependency on a specific web-browser.

Activity entities

Enable notifications for any custom or native activity type entity such as task, email, phone call and appointments.

Dynamics 365 Actions Hub

In today’s fast-paced and highly-demanding work environment, it’s more important than ever to help employees, and ultimately companies, become more productive and efficient. With Dynamics 365 Actions Hub it is now possible to help system-users to save time and increase efficiency by providing a centralised dashboard that displays the most used actions, workflows, forms and URLs.

Processes, forms & URLs

Define which actions, workflows, forms or URLs you want to make available on the main landing page.

Landing page

Configurable and dynamic landing page that centralises all the processes, forms and URLs organised by tabs and areas.

Configurable parameters

Pass parameters to pre-defined processes (actions) and forms focusing on improving user-experience and productivity.

Configurable tabs

Group actions, workflows, forms and URLs based on configurable tabs and areas that are dynamically loaded on the main landing page.

Dynamics 365 Data Dictionary

Our solution helps business analysts, technical writers, developers and DBA’s to create data-model and metadata reports within seconds from systems like Microsoft SQL Server databases, Microsoft SharePoint websites, Microsoft Dynamics 365 instances and many more. With Codec’s Data Dictionary, users can not only analyse and audit data structures but also create documentation based on projects, systems and data structures.

Supported systems

Store and analyse metadata and architectural information from systems like Microsoft SQL Server, SharePoint, Dynamics 365 and more.

Quick start

Configure connections to the different systems and create a comprehensive and up to date metadata repository in a matter of seconds.

Qualification processes

Create draft data-models based on business requirements, submit them for technical review and approval and share them information with different teams.

Different analysis

Create analysis and data-structures following bottom-up and top-down approaches depending on the granularity level of your analysis.

Dynamics 365 Security Hub

The association between system users, teams, security roles and privileges provide Dynamics 365 system administrators with a very flexible structure to define a security model. However, this flexibility can also be a challenge for administrators given that Dynamics 365 does not provide an easy way to check for cumulative privileges. With our Security Hub that is no longer an issue. Quickly analyse cumulative privileges and identify which users and teams represent a security threat.

Cumulative privileges

Provide system administrators with a visual interface to identify cumulative privileges assigned to both system users and teams and inconsistencies on the security model.

Advanced filters

Definition of advanced filters based on real ‘what-if’ scenarios to quickly and effectively identify gaps and liabilities on the Dynamics 365 security model.

Centralised view

Centralise all security related tasks in one dashboard allowing system administrators to quickly update and assign security roles to both system users and teams.

Report and export

Quick access to key security-related figures and ability to export the scenarios you identify in PDF format.

Dynamics 365 Bulk Processes

Surprisingly, out-of-the-box Dynamics 365 does not include a feature to schedule bulk processes. There are multiple work-arounds but many of them are difficult to implement, time-consuming to configure and not user-friendly. Dynamics 365 Bulk Processes solves this problem by extending Dynamics 365 native features with an easy-to-use module to handle scheduled processes. You can implement scheduled processes (workflows or actions) against multiple records while keeping track of all executions.

Scheduled processes

Select a process and set one or many execution frequencies (hourly, daily, weekly or monthly) based on the business requirement.

Select target records

Execute processes in bulk and select the corresponding target records based on a user-friendly interface without writing a single line of code.

Configurable parameters

Define the values to pass based on a selected process (action) and its corresponding parameters.

Executions log

Monitor executions by extending the native Dynamics 365 process engine used for workflows and actions.

Microsoft SharePoint Intelligent Wikis

Keeping a knowledge base with updated content is important for any organisation. However, it is extremely time-consuming and can be a challenge to present information in a user-friendly way. Artificial intelligence can help in many situations and in SharePoint Intelligent Wikis we use AI to provide enhanced navigation while augmenting and extending your Wikis with videos and web content. We’ve also added AI to our wikis to augment and extend your own knowledge content.

Modern experience

Integrate with Modern Experience SharePoint Pages and add our Intelligent Wikis to existing pages in SharePoint Online - create new pages just for Wikis.

Artificial intelligence

Codec’s Intelligent Wikis are great for showing user generated local content, but also offer Web and Video content provided by integration with Microsoft’s AI platform.

Simplified navigation

Menus are dynamically generated based on Wiki content, with headers and subheaders. It is a simple and intuitive navigation system so users can easily navigate and contribute to Wikis.

Quick start

Improve productivity and user-experience when creating and updating Wikis by simply clicking on a button.

Microsoft SharePoint Hub Site

Merging your content into a single view when it's saved on multiple SharePoint sites can be challenging. Our solution enables you to easily select from sites that are part of your Hub Site, and show the document libraries that you want to use. Simple yet powerful, no configuration or coding needed. Through a searchable view of files users can quickly find what they want without spending time on development, configuration or file tagging.

Centralised view

Save time and improve productivity by enabling users with a centralised view of documents based on system configuration.

Modern experience

Integrate with Modern Experience SharePoint Pages and add our Hub Site Doc Viewer to your Hub Sites.

Consistent with O365

Designed using Microsoft’s recommended development framework so that it looks the same as other Office 365 experiences.

Quick find

Provide users with an integrated search box to filter files in real time to match user’s search criteria.

Microsoft SharePoint Teams Approver

Do you want to regulate and monitor the creation of teams on Microsoft Teams with an approval process? Or would you like to ensure your teams stick to a naming convention? By taking advantage of SharePoint, PowerApps and Microsoft’s Azure Bot Service our solution provides users with an intuitive interface that makes this process simple while keeping your Microsoft Teams organised. Give users the power to collaborate on Microsoft Teams enabling them to easily and quickly create new teams through approval processes and configurable Bots.

Integration with O365

Our solution uses a combination of Office 365 apps and services, meaning it's easy to integrate our solution to your Office 365.

Configurable processes

Enable processes so teams can’t be created without your IT Admins approval. Or simply help your users to easily and efficiently create and configure new teams.

Chatbots and more

Enable a chatbot so your users can trigger processes by simply sending instant messages. Alternatively users can launch our app via Office 365 and SharePoint Online pages.

Intuitive interface

Provide users with a simple and clean user interface so that there’s no training required—hit the ground running!

Innovation success stories

As a longtime Microsoft Gold Partner and a multiple-time Dynamics 365 Partner of the Year winner, our credentials are best represented by the success we’ve created for past clients. Explore our client success stories to find examples of transformation that could create similar value for your business.

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How Tourism NI drove efficiencies by moving core business processes to the cloud

Tourism NI was experiencing challenges with their digital transformation strategy and moving to the cloud. Codec helped them upgrade its customer experience and CRM capabilities by onboarding Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement.
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The right technology is only part of any organisation’s recipe for success. The right expertise and methods are also required to maximise the value of these investments. Through our unique project delivery framework, our experts accelerate project performance and value through a holistic approach to innovation and delivery.

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