Innovative digital protection

Digital security threats are always evolving. So is your IT infrastructure. Our security services deliver comprehensive and flexible protection across your entire corporate environment.

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Security solutions that deliver impact

From SMBs to the largest enterprises, proper security controls are required to protect sensitive data and preserve business continuity. To keep pace with today’s emerging threat landscape, modern organisations require comprehensive security solutions offering multiple layers of defence against bad actors.

Identity & access management

Whether it's identity management on-premise or in the Cloud, your organisation needs to have proper policies in place to make sure no bad actors are getting into your system. Our security experts implement strong authentication and access control solutions that harden your environment to outside attackers while meeting all applicable compliance requirements.

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Our identity and access management technology:

  • Microsoft Entra
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Microsoft Active Directory 

Threat protection

New security threats are emerging every day. Proper device governance and monitoring is critical to detecting and mitigating these threats. Our experts bring together security information & event management (SIEM) and extended detection and response (XDR) technologies to achieve comprehensive visibility across your entire landscape.

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Our threat protection technology:

  • Microsoft Sentinel
  • Microsoft Defender
  • Microsoft Intune

Information protection

Every organisation owns sensitive data it does not want to share with outside parties. Our information protection solution enables monitoring of data sharing both internally and with entities outside your organisation. Automated surveillance of these assets makes it easy to manage insider risks, flag unusual activity, keep sensitive information out of unauthorised hands.

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Our contact centre technology:

  • Microsoft Purview
  • Microsoft Priva

Cloud security

Security is always a shared responsibility between the cloud provider and the client, but designing cloud security well is the responsibility of the client. We architect cloud security to give you all the security controls and availability you need when threats or other bad actions are detected. Mitigate cloud risks while maintaining greater business continuity.

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Our process automation technology:

  • Microsoft Defender for Cloud
  • DevOps Security
  • Azure Security

Zero trust rapid modernisation

Built with a “never trust, always verify” ethos, zero trust security bolsters your network security by requiring continuous verification and authorisation of each user and device attempting to access your network and/or business applications. Our security experts develop guidelines and a detailed framework to enable zero trust security across your network.

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Our zero trust rapid modernisation program:

  • Microsoft 365 Security Stack
  • Framework Based Approach
  • Rapid Implementation
Tushar Kumar - Codec Cloud Security Expert

“Security has always been a big part of the IT landscape, but the expanded role of data regulations, data compliance along with a rapid growth in the threat landscape has only increased the urgency for comprehensive security solutions—both to mitigate threat risk and to steer clear of regulatory trouble.”

Tushar Kumar

Azure Cloud Security Team Lead & MVP (Azure Infrastructure and Security), Codec

Business impact of Security


Our robust security solutions do more than just mitigate risk and defend against threats to your organisation. Through innovative security monitoring and intelligent solutions, organisations can learn more about their business processes and internal security policies. Improved business continuity minimises disruptions to support greater productivity and revenue generation.

  • Predict and prevent risks
  • Reduced risk of costly breaches
  • Protection from sudden revenue loss
  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Greater business continuity
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Modernising security for many leading organisations

From endpoint security to hybrid cloud environments, our team have delivered comprehensive threat protection and risk mitigation for many leading organisations.

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“The benefits delivered by the Codec implementation of Dynamics 365 CRM are clear for all to see. Based on the level of professionalism shown by staff, their willingness to assist/help in achieving tasks & goals on the project and their commitment to delivering quality solutions ensure that I would have no hesitation in recommending Codec.”

Darren Murray

Head of Digital Transformation, Dept. of Agriculture, Food & the Marine

The Codec Way of delivering impact

The right technology is only part of any organisation’s recipe for success. The right expertise and methods are also required to maximise the value of these investments. Through our unique project delivery framework, our Security experts accelerate project performance and value, by taking a holistic approach to innovation and delivery.

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