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Improve your department's governance processes, operational flexibility and efficiency with custom designed Microsoft solutions.

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Today’s government processes are rife with tedious manual labour, slow-moving workflows, bureaucratic logjams and other inefficiencies. Modern eGovernance solutions can address all of these pain points through automated, streamlined and coordinated processes improving both internal operations and public service.

Case management

Enhance the speed and efficiency of case management processes through automated rules to assign tasks and manage workflows. We help your organisation implement eGovernance solutions that keep case management workflows on track while ensuring compliance with relevant service level agreements.

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Our case management technology & products:

Citizen services

Streamline public service while reducing the burdens placed on citizens. By building portals to provide self-service access to government services, your organisation can simplify the demands placed on citizens, improve responsiveness and efficiency across all services, and reduce the human labour involved in serving many of these citizen needs.

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Our citizen services technology:

Contact centre

Improve your customer service experience with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. We help organisations implement AI-powered customer service tools to manage wait queues, distribute inbound calls, and connect citizens to resources, all without talking to a human representative, thus reducing call volumes and improving citizen satisfaction.

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Our contact centre technology:

Process automation

Reduce manual labour while improving governance outcomes. Our digital government services enable process automation through the right tools for each task at hand. Our experts help you add automated workflows to your processes to reduce cost, increase speed and improve platform and process usability for citizens and employees alike.

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Our process automation technology:


“Government agencies and other large organisations are constantly fighting the tide of workflow bottlenecks and bureaucratic red tape. Our eGovernment services eliminate this friction to streamline operations and citizen services at scale.”

Larry Tobin

Head of Public Sector, Codec

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Business impact of eGovernment

egovernment tech solutions by codec

Our digital government services have been driven, in part, by the UK government’s digital transformation plan for public services. Our automated eGovernance solutions, using Microsoft technology, can help meet and exceed these strategic objectives while creating new efficiencies that will deliver value for the British public for years to come.

  • Process efficiency
  • Improved customer retention
  • Digital transformation
  • Process automation
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Enhanced citizen services
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Modernising eGovernance solutions for the UK's public services

From government organisations to businesses in regulated industries, our eGovernance solutions have delivered new efficiencies and performance enhancements for some of the UK’s biggest agencies and brands.

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“Codec truly behave like partners. They make every effort to understand our business priorities and go the extra mile to help us succeed.”

Ian Purdy

Head of Digital Transformation, Queen's University Belfast

The Codec Way of delivering impact

The right technology is only part of any organisation’s recipe for success. The right expertise and methods are also required to maximise the value of these investments. Through our unique project delivery framework, our eGovernment experts accelerate project performance and value, by taking a holistic approach to innovation and delivery.

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