Application modernisation

Transforming legacy software

Upgrade existing applications with enhanced capabilities and flexibility. Our application modernisation services uplift existing technology to meet your current and future needs.

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Application modernisation solutions that deliver impact

Transform your digital infrastructure without starting from scratch. Our consultants use Azure application modernisation solutions to refactor existing applications and deliver value-added capabilities. Our holistic approach to application modernisation ensures that each solution is optimised for performance within your larger cloud environment.

Software development

Enable faster and simpler application development. We implement Azure DevOps solutions to empower and optimise the software development process. From collaboration tools to continuous build and test processes, our consultants help your business quickly modernise applications while also delivering higher-quality results.

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Our software development technology:

Advisory services

Align your application modernisation processes with your business goals. Our strategic advisory services plan out application modernisation to balance development spending alongside other cloud expenditures. Through ongoing monitoring and control, we optimise your business spending and resource utilisation.

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Our advisory services technology:

  • Azure Cloud Adoption Framework
  • Azure Well-Architected Framework
  • Azure Microservices Architecture
  • Azure DevOps

Staff augmentation

Support cloud solutions and initiatives with the right skill-sets at every turn. As a certified Azure Expert MSP employing 26 Azure-certified consultants, our application modernisation team is well-equipped to build cost-effective, flexible teams of experts providing dedicated support for all of your modernisation projects.

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Solution architecture

Ensure seamless integration of new and refactored applications into your existing cloud environment. Our in-house solution architects are actively involved in the design, build and test phases of app development. Through ongoing collaboration, application projects can be plugged into existing processes and environments to instantly deliver value.

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Our solution architecture technology expertise:

  • Microservices Architecture
  • Azure DevOps
Gerry Penrose, Codec

“The best-fit business applications are often the ones you build yourself. Whether creating new applications or expanding capabilities for existing solutions, we offer end-to-end support that balances costs, resource utilisation, and long-term value creation.”

Gerry Penrose

Azure Product Manager, Codec

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Business impact of application modernisation

Application Modernisation solutions by Codec

Legacy applications lower the ceiling on your organisation’s cloud capabilities. Application modernisation takes a strategic approach to creating new value and performance from those solutions, building upon legacy functionality to quickly deploy powerful applications at a minimal resource investment for your business.

  • Faster to market development
  • Cloud native development
  • Increase reliability through test driven development
  • Reduction in technical debt
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Modernising applications of Ireland's leading organisations

For large organisations built upon legacy infrastructure, modernisation is often the more cost-effective approach to digital transformation. Our expertise in guiding these modernisation projects has led to long-term partnerships with some of the largest Irish companies.

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“The resource cost and logistical limitations of our on-premise servers created a financial drag on our ability to modernise applications and develop new projects. Our Azure migration eliminated these constraints, delivering new development tools and capabilities across our organisation.”

IT Infrastructure Manager

Major Financial Services Provider

The Codec Way of delivering impact

The right technology is only part of any organisation’s recipe for success. The right expertise and methods are also required to maximise the value of these investments. Through our unique project delivery framework, our experts accelerate project performance and value through a holistic approach to innovation and delivery.

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