PURUS | Dynamics 365 for water utilities

Reduce utilities costs and your environmental impact through our cloud-based water management solution. Achieve sustainable operations and create a better customer experience.

Centralisation challenge of water utilities industry

Efficient, sustainable water management practices require the unification of large, fragmented sets of data. Our proprietary PURUS solution centralises this data for a single, standardised view of resource management and water demand—allowing utility companies to optimise water management for reduced consumption and lower costs.

Purus - Water Utility Solutions

Innovative centralisation system designed for water utilities

From water management operations to environmental compliance and reporting, water management businesses are faced with a number of unique challenges specific to resource management and local water regulations. PURUS extends the capabilities of Dynamics 365 to fully support the full water management lifecycle.

Boost customer satisfaction and time to revenue by driving a faster, more efficient new connection journey. Use PURUS to drive a customer-centric process that is workflow-driven and offers powerful insights into process bottlenecks using in-built reports.

New connections management

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Centralise environmental & consumption data within Purus to ensure comprehensive environmental compliance reporting. PURUS ensures commitment to sustainable development by driving transparent reporting and aiding a more positive environmental influence.

Environmental compliance

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Speed up the connection process by up to 55% by using PURUS to calculate standardised and transparent connection charging that stands-up to auditing. Configure charging policies according to your own rules and criteria, and remove risk by automating the calculation of charges.

Connection charging

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Guide users through your Trade Effluent Licence permit and renewal process by replacing manual spreadsheets and tracking capacity treatment and discharge limits online.

Trade effluent

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"Efficient water management must balance fluctuating supply levels with ever-changing demand—as well as greater demands for public accountability. Managing this ever-changing environment is far more efficient and cost-effective when data is centralised to support holistic decision-making while ensuring compliance."

Tom McArdle

 Head of business applications, Codec


Delivering impact with PURUS


The benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Water Utilities may start with business operations and cost control, but they extend throughout any municipality where water management is optimised by PURUS. Lower costs, improved compliance and sustainable practices support business profit margins as well as local water quality.

  • Process efficiency
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Reduced costs
  • Sustainable development
  • Regulatory compliance
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Improving customer journey & reducing environmental impact

Continuous innovation with Codec Labs

"Codec has developed a cloud based water management solution to allow water utility companies to reduce their costs and environmental impacts using Dynamics 365. By implementing Purus, companies in the water utility sector can achieve sustainable operations and create a better customer experience."

Catherine Moore

Purus Product Manager