What is an Azure Expert MSP and why is it important?

What is an Azure Expert MSP?

The Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP) program is a new global initiative from Microsoft to highlight and promote only the most capable Cloud partners. Partners need to validate their skills, their customer success, and have an ability to scale as well as a commitment to providing next-generation managed service offering.

Becoming a member of the program is no mean feat – it involves a significant commitment of time and effort on the part of an organisation wishing to attain the status.  Only those companies that are really dedicated to helping their customers on their digital transformation journey will be able to consider the certification.  At present there are only a handful of worldwide partners that are members of the program and Codec are the first Irish technology partner to achieve membership.

Azure MSP Membership Requirements

Stringent requirements for the program span across a number of areas including:

  • Verified proof of excellence in customer delivery & technical expertise,
  • Successful completion of an independent audit of managed services, people, processes, and technologies.

There is no other program that that is more challenging than Azure Expert MSP.  It takes a highly certified Microsoft Gold partner to take the decision to go for certification and to do what it takes to get there.

What do you get by working with an Azure Expert MSP?

When you see a partner with the Azure Expert MSP badge, it gives confidence to customers that they are connecting with only the most capable and high-fidelity of Azure Managed Service Providers.  Such providers are the go-to partners to provide consultation, support and management of your mission-critical apps, entire datacentre footprints, or hybrid environments.

Azure Expert MSP partners are able to offer their customers exclusive access to a wealth of resources, technical skills, funding and initiatives that can help on their digital journey.  From funded POC workshops to incentives around assessments and pilot implementations, it really is of significant value to engage with an Azure Expert MSP for Azure Projects.

More information

To find out more about the services Codec offer around Azure and to take advantage of the benefits that can be offered through the MSP program, get in touch with us today.

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